The SihanoukVille Hospital. Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia.


If you can't read this, you need to come for a visit.

      In October 2009, Vision Care Service (VCS), a group from Korea, came to SihanoukVille, Cambodia, to provide free vision care for the local people. 
This included eye exams, medicines and surgery.  Everyone from Korea was a volunteer.

Up to 300 people a day, for 4 days, came for help.
The Vision Care people worked tirelessly, every day, and did a fantastic job.

Thanks!  (kamsameeda)















Patients wait for an eye doctor.




























Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) helped finance the supplies and drugs and surgical equipment.   The volunteers financed everything else, with local support from the Life School, a Christian school in SihanokVille, Cambodia.   And of course, with help and thanks from the SihanoukVille, Hospital.
































































































Patients signing in for free vision care services.





















































3...2....4     2.....6.....5.....3.....





































Restore Sight.  Share Vision.
Vision Care Service.

They did it!  They Came BACK!


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