The Sihanouk Ville Hospital. Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia.

Photo Gallery

front entrance to the sihanoukville hospitalthe cambodia trustcentre kdey sangkhoeum, part of the global fund and croix rouge francaisesihanoukville national blood banksihanoukville health centermaternal and child care services in sihanoukvillethe ambulance at the sihanoukville hospitalincenerator at the sihanoukville hospitalpractice for putting on condomdirection theredoctor's meetingemergency bedblood banka bunch of legs for amputees at the cambodian trust in sihanoukvillebody shopprostetic chart at the cambodian trust in sihanoukvillemedecins du monde organisations pour la prevention de la cecite dophtalmologiepatient roompharmacieaids office in sihanoukville hospitalrayons x  (we call 'em x-rays)prices for baby delivery (starting at $7)french red cross ICU

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