The SihanoukVille Hospital. Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia.

Sihanoukville Hospital. Cambodia.

the main entrance to the hospital in sihanoukville

SihanoukVille Hospital

"Muntee Pet Jumka Jake" or the Banana Farm Hospital. Located in Sihanoukville, Cambodia on Ekareach Street between downtown and Ocheteaul Beach.

Where it all happens!

The SihanoukVille Hospital is the largest hospital complex in Southern Cambodia. The Hospital hosts a collection of clinics for most medical needs.

These clinics cover Ophthalmology, AIDs, Maternity, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, X-Rays, and Artificial LImb replacement. Also, Pharmacy, Labs, and Ambulance services are available at the Hospital.

The hospital is continually undergoing renovation and expansion. Services are improving slowly, and as the town of Sihanoukville grows, so do the demands on the hospital.

The Staff

The Sihanouk Ville Hospital is a public, government supported institution. Part of the operations and staff are also funded by The United Nations, Red Cross, NGO's, and foreign governments.

The Patients

The Patients at The Sihanouk Ville Hospital come mostly from Kompong Som Province. For the Cambodian Trust Artificial Limb Lab, the patients come from all over Southern Cambodia. Many of the services are free, and the rest are subsidized by the Cambodian Government.























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